Monday, June 4, 2012

Fix Me Up For Summer! – Collective Shop and Tell!

Hey Chicks! So I guess it was about time that I did another collective haul. All these things are purchased durring May or the start of June. I haven’t been shopping awfully much durring May, but thoese things that I did get will be great for Summer!
Two Rimmel lipsticks. In Pink Gossip and Tell no one.

The Stay Matte concealer. In 010 Ivory. Also I did get the Stay Matte foundation.
 Black heels from Nelly.com
 Yellow heels from Graceland.

Sunglasses from local store.

Rings from H&M

Two parted necklace from H&M

3 thoughts on “Fix Me Up For Summer! – Collective Shop and Tell!

  1. Great pictures, Literally fallen in love with your blog. I've mentioned you in my recent post actually check it out if you get a chance!

    Cant wait for your next post, Natalie xxx

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