Sunday, July 15, 2012

How I Do The Ombre Effect Nails.

Hey Chicks! For todays post I thought, since a tutorial was quite requested, that I would show you how I make the Ombre Effect nails. This is of course just one way of doing it and there are any more methods. !
And please have in mind that I am totally not an expert on nails or nail care for that matter, so if you have tips that would improve this routine, please leave them in the comment box down below!
Okay, lets get startet!
The tings you’ll need is:                                       What I used:
Two or three shades of nail polish.                           White Polish – from Tiger
A make up sponge                                                   Pink Polish – from Essie in shade I need a vacation
Nail polish remover                                                  Remover – from Tiger
A nail file
Some cottons buds
1. Use the nail file around the tips of your nails to smooth them out and remove all dirt or oil.
2. Apply the first shade. I recommed you pick the most neutral of the two shades.
3. Wait until the nails is completely dry! Trust me, I made the mistake of not waiting!

4. After the base coat is dry I recommend using a protective coat. 
5. Apply the other shade of polish to the make up sponge and start very slowing by dipping the finger tip.
6. Never mind the mess around the nail, that’s what we have nail polish remover for!
7. Keep applying a small amount of polish from the sponge to the finger tip until you’re happy with the result.
8. Let is dry completely again, before you remove the polish around the nail wiht the cotton buds. 
9. This is optional, apply another layer of protective polish, to make sure it will look shiny and good.

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