Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New In – Kukee Goodies!

Bird Skull Ring – 2.5 Pounds and Triangle Ring 2 Pounds.
Spike Necklace – 2,5 Pounds and Turtle Necklace -2 Pounds.

Above Knuckle Ring – 1.5 Pounds and Peace Ring – Free.
Hey Chicks! Do you know of Kukee.co.uk ? If you don’t you better check it out! I just recieved a package of stuff from their site and so far I love it! They update their store all the time, so there is always new stuff in there! I am going to order more goodies soon again ! When you make an order over 10 Pounds you’ll get a piece of jewellery for free. 
How do you like my purchases ?
Have a great day everybody!

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