Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Change Of Scenery

Hey Chicks! I haven’t been able to blog a lot this last week and this is why: I moved! I think moving is very stressful so I decided to focus on the move untill I was done! I snapped a few shots for you guys because I during this week will film a Room Tour Video for my Youtube channelm so keep an eye out for that!

Would you see the Room Tour Video? Comment down below!
AND GUYS! Soon my blog will get its’ own domain name! It means that I no longer will be on blogspot. If you don’t already follow me on Facebook, do it to keep up with the posts!

11 thoughts on “A Change Of Scenery

  1. Great post !
    Your room look so nice I love it 😉

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time

    p.s Check out my first Rire Boutique Giveaway !! :)


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