Monday, January 14, 2013

Classy Red

Hey Chicks! These are my current favourites when it comes to the classy red lipsticks! I like to have a rather large selection of different kinds so of course these cover all the kinds that I need. Dark, matte, glossy and durable. All very versatile indeed!

MAC – Dubbont: This first shade is a very dark and berry colour, I really like this with light shades of clothing that really makes a great contrast! What I really like about the darker shades of red is that they go with any eye and hair colour. If you have a pale skin this will look extra adorable on you!

Youngblood – Vixen: This baby is really stiff! It is a very matte and, to some extend, dehydrating colour. It is the most amazing classy red though. It is also important to mention that you can wear this darling on a night out without re-applying during the night! My boyfriend describes this colour as a “steak red” – so I guess we will call it a day.

MAC – Russian Red: My personal favourite! This is slightly darker than Vixen, but it does not seem as try as Vixen. This one I believe to be the most versitale one! I just love it!

Maybeline – Hollywood Red: This was my favourite before is discovered Russian Red, it is a very nice and soft red. It is super moisturizing and a bit glossy! But the good thing about this is that it looks much more natural on your lips compared to the others, so you won’t have to worry about smudging or re-applying ever.




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