Monday, February 11, 2013

Low Waisty Tasty

Hey Chicks! You probably know that I am quite taking the fancy of an exposed or marked waiste! But since I love everything else about the 1920’s fashion taste why should I not try to love the low waiste style too? I do not like the dresses very much because they tend to go boxy on me and that is not likeable! Therefore I figured that I would wear a high waisted skirt and a shirt on top, it creates the same effect but without the boxy-ness to it because it is two pieces! Also If you haven’t yet seen my Winter lookbook, here it is! Please give it a thumps you, and I’ll send you web hugs!

Jacket – H&M // Shirt – Issue 1.3 // Necklace – Miinto // Shoes – Bianco // Skirt – H&M // Bag – H&M

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