Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Disney Jumper – No Pants Edition

Hey Chicks! This is a retro Disney jumper found in my local thrift store! For this shoot I simply forgot my pants, but of course I remembered the shoes! This is a jumper I had a hard time styling, but I figured I would mostly wear it around the house, like the pictures above. I am quite inspired by big bedroom hair at the moment, an overload of silver accessories and of course a big cozy jumper, so chill!

I also thought this to be a great way to show you my latest tattoo since it is now healed and looks amazing. I have been wanting a turtle on me for quite some time, turtles means a lot to me and they are in a way the symbol of my childhood, therefore, since I am showing you a Disney jumper, I thought it matched well with the overall theme. Please comment and let me hear your thoughts.

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