Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Little Black Dress Is My Best Friend

Hey Chicks! I got the chance of choosing an item from The Online Store Zalando, which I was so thrilled about! I wanted to pick an item so versitale that everybody could choose for themselves how to style it. The little black dress it was! The two ways I have styled it today is a casual and a formal way! The dress itself is really curve hugging and brings out the best in hips and bottoms! It has a very deep neckline but half of it is quite see-through but in a cute and social accetable way.. You can find the dress riiiight here.



3 thoughts on “The Little Black Dress Is My Best Friend

    • årh skal du have, hvor er du bare super sød Camilla!

      Jeg laver såmænd de fleste collager i Picasa som kan downloades gratis, dog har jeg brugt Adobe Photoshop til disse :)


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