Friday, March 29, 2013

Goodie Box + A New Video!

Hey Chicks! So it is that time of the month again were I am showing you the contents of the Goodie box. This month the box contained some lovely conditioner and some shampoo from Head and Shoulders, which I actually really like – and so does my boyfriend! As always I got some perfume samples, and I think that trying out new scents are a blast, so I was really happy about those.

My favourite item in the box on the other hand, was the dr. Hauschka eyeliner with both grey and dark blue. The dark blue looks almost black which is a big plus and the grey a really usefull to me since I have blue eyes. The one item I did not like so much was the dr. Hauschka lipgloss, the shade was pretty for sure, but I thought it smelled a little funky. But overall I am always very content with the box, including today. If you want to sign up for a monthly subscribtion click HERE

Be sure to check out my latest video! I would love to hear your opinions!

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