Saturday, April 13, 2013



Twig Ring // Thunderbird Necklace //Thunderbird Bangle // Turquoise Casing Necklace // All Skulle Bangle

Evil Eye Pins // Raven Skull Ring // Clout Nail Ring // Shark Tooth Bangle // Feather Necklace // Rope Ring

Hey Chicks! As I said last night on my facebook page, I was going to talk to you guys about some reeeally amazing accessories. The brand of which I am referring is called Fashionology. This brand is super cool and their designs are one of a kind. The thing about their site that impressed me the most was the fact that they tell you what the stones or materials mean. If you believe in protections from stones and different symbols or if you’re just looking for some really badass accessories. This is the site for you! Which ones are your favourites?



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