Monday, April 1, 2013

H&M Lipstick Review

Hey Chicks! As I have said before, I tend to be quite sceptical about make up products from brands as H&M or Gina Tricot. But as the Gina Tricot blush really surprised me in a very possitive manner, so did this lipstick! I have been looking for a shade like this, because I just adore this shade with a white dress! I tried a lipstick from Dior the same day, but I decided to wait a little and then buy it later, and right there in H&M was the exact same colour! So decided to give this one a chance in life!

Pros – The colour, for sure! It is really a gorgeous shade and I adore it! Also the amount of product you get for 4 pounds is quite good! It also feels amazing to have on, it does not dry out or irritates the skin in any way!

Cons – It is very very pigmented and it does come off quite easily, but on the other hand for the amount of money I paid I did not expect it to be any different. Another thing that bugs me is the fact that you have to built it up. I like lipsticks, not lip balms and by only applying a little amount on your lips it can be used as a tinted moisturizer, but I guess some people enjoy that, just not me!

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