Friday, April 5, 2013

I Confess To My Problem #2

Hey Chicks! As I was cleaning out my wardrobe because of the massive amount fo new thrifted items, I came to the conclusions that I have quite a few red clutches. Since I did another Oh-dear-lord-I-have-a-lot-of-junk-post, I wanted to do the post once again! Bags and clutches are definitely one of the most importent accessories! The latest additions to my collection of red clutches are the Lola bag and a thrifted Karate Kid wallet, just so cute! Are you guys doing any Spring cleaning in your closet?

You may find this a bit odd or maybe you can relate to it, but I really like to take all my stuff out of my closet, rearrange all of it or just look at it. I find that to be so satisfying, and this way I never forget what I have! Do you know what I mean?

One thought on “I Confess To My Problem #2

  1. Fedt at du kigger alle dine ting igennem og gennemgår hvad du har, og sørger for det ligger fint og ordentligt – BARE JEG GJORDE DET SAMME! Haha 😀

    Hvor er dine tasker og clutches bare lækre! Især den i nederste venstre hjørne og den lige ved siden af “Karate Kid” :)

    – Knus Louise

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