Sunday, June 23, 2013

Outfit Of The Day – Boyfriend

Jacket – Thrifted // Shirt – Evil Twin // Jeans – H&M // Heels – Zara //

Tote – H&M // Sunnies – Danish Outlet // Bandana – Thrifted // Lips – MAC, Please Me

Hey Chicks! Even though it has been quite rainy I still wanted you to see this outfit. I just absolutly love the oversized leather jacket that is actually amazing quality. Also I do not usually wear pinks but since I only wore greys and blacks I really liked the look of the pink tote, with the pink lips. It gives the look a girly touch. I really like the balance between boyfriend style and the girlyness, sotherefore I wore a pair of very slim heels in order to make the outfit work! The most importent thing when boyfriend styling is to balance the elements. And guys! I am graduating the wednesday, so excited!

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