Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In the Search of the Perfect Lipstick

Hey Chicks! As you know I have a huge soft spot for lip products, especially the ones with a vibrant colour! I am always trying out new things in order to find the perfect lipstick. During my search I came aross the Kate Moss collection, it has been out for a looooong time, but I am a bit slow and decided to get some products from the collection now. Delayed beauty news all right.

The colour is so beautiful! The one on the picture is 13, and it is a slightly pinkish coral redish fancy pansy colour. I recently discovered that people has very different ideas of the quality of make up products. I’ve heard so many Youtubers say that the Kate Moss lipsticks where absolutly amazing, great colour payoff and very long lasting pigmentation. I am not feeling the long lasting part though. I think it goes of too easily, so I better enjoy the colour payoff while I can. How do you like it?

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