Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Styling Dungarees Dresses – Part Une

Hey Chicks! Since I showed you a bit of my newest thrift find, I wanted to show you four ways of styling the dungares dress! It is a pretty difficult piece to style from time to time and these are my four ways, divided into two posts!

1. Long sleeves and over the knee socks. One of my main issues with dungares dresses are the fact you most likely will end looking like a ten year old if it is not styled properly. By adding my asymmetrical cardi you’ll might avoid that. You can also draw the attention away from the dress by over doing the accessory part!

2. Crop top and high heels. That is also a pretty great trick if your outfit feels to childish, heels and a little bit of sophisticated skin showing. You can also add a relaxed and layed back element to the outfit but adding a head piece scarf and leaving one strap down, it really looks effortlessly chic. Add fancy peals earrings for a perfect contrast!

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