Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New In – Another

Hey Chicks! I am blogging from a not so fashionable position right now, that is my warm cuddly covers. I am down with the sicksness, in the most literally manners possible. Still, I wanted to show you guys a new ring that I recently picked up. It is not even thrifted, can you believe that? I love the spooky animals on the side of the ring and the beautiful black stone that matches all my other jewellery! Anyway, have a lovely Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “New In – Another

  1. Hvor er den dog flot! Jeg har ledt efter ringe af den stil i evigheder! Ved du tilfældigvis hvilken adresse og åbningstider butikken har?

    • Den ligger i gådagen, ved siden af Imerco, jeg aner desværre intet om addresse eller åbningstider ):


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