Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Best Lip Products For Winter

Hey Chicks! Since we are soon entering  the awful cold Winter times, I thought that I would share my favourite lip products for preventing dried and cracked up lips with you! The Body Shop lip balm is extremely soft and moisturizing. It is not at all sticky and it tastes like candy, win. The Dior lipstick is really suttle but super pretty, it stays perfect for most of the day and it add a tiny bit of sparkle. My Maybeline lipstick is totally similar to the MAC Viva la Glam II, it is super moisturizing and very natual looking! Oilily lip balm is tint free and will add nothing but moisture of your lips, it is great when you’re not feeling like wearing a ton of make up. The multi-use Gosh product is a very recent favourite, mainly because it is not sticky and works so well when you only want to add a little bit of colour to your lips, it looks great with red cheeks too.

8 thoughts on “My Best Lip Products For Winter

  1. Årh Mary det er så vigtigt. Fedt fedt fedt indlæg. Mine læber trænger nemlig til så meget pleje over vinteren og jeg synes at det kan være en jungle at finde det helt rette produkt.

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