Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dress Me Up For New Years

Jacquard Dress // Lace Dress // Mixed Whool Skirt

Hey Chicks! I have already started to worry about what to wear on New Year’s Eve. I know that it must be elegant, but with some dimension of comfy anyway. Other than that I am pretty lost in a jungle of dresses and skirts. I searched the net a bit and I found that Esprit actually had some really good options, dress ‘n’ skirt-wise. My three favourites are the ones above and I styled them with heels from Solestruck, TAG from Yes, Llama from Jeffrey Campbell and Kult from Yes again. I especially like the mixed whool skirt, I have been wanting one of those for ages. I would absolutly love to rock these styles for New Year’s. What are you going to wear?

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