Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Hair Intervention

Hey Chicks! As you all know, my hair has seen better days, no secret there but I’ve decided it is time for the hair intervention, of course the first step is admitting to your problem. Therefore I am teaming up with the three best products I know and a hair brush of course, I tell you I need it big time!

The Bed Head Shampoo, level 3, saved my hair. It is the ultimate rehab and has worked perfectly for me. The effect it had was really easy to spot, since my hair was pretty unhappy. It says on the back “You must have a sense of humour to use this product” and I really like brands with this sort of funny packaging. It was kindly sponsored by Online-Mode.dk and I am really happy with the outcome. Aussie, 3 Minute Miracle Treatment is a great companion to the Bed Head shampoo I use them together and it smells amazing in my tub when I do so! It eliminates all frizz and leaves your head as happy as it could be! I finish of my hair routine with the Kérastase Systme Lumino-Défense as I have mentioned before. It is a briliant heat protector and leaves a little bit of shimmer in your hair which makes it look healthy and well cared for!  What are your top three rehab products?

10 thoughts on “The Hair Intervention

  1. Arg! Jeg ved godt at det her ikke er helt relevant for emnet – men det er første gang jeg er et smut forbi herinde, så jeg er simpelthen bare nødt til at kommentere på mit umiddelbare indtryk! Jeg er blown away, at dit look! 😀 Elsker simpelthen det røde hår du har, og den fede piercing i næsen!


    • Tusind tak for din super søde kommentar Simone! Det varmer og jeg er super glad for at du synes om bloggen!

      Knus og kram!

  2. farver du selv dit hår? eller er det frisøren? jeg er i syv sind, mit hår ligner til en forveksling dit (blot lidt mere spaltet, hæ), jeg farver det selv, men det er simpelthen så træt og skadet og jeg har ikke penge til frisør. har du et trick?

    • Jeg får farvet mine udgroninger hos en frisør, da farven jeg ønsker ikke kan findes i butikkerne, men en hun blander særligt til mig. Jeg fortæller meget mere om hele hår tam tammet i min næste video :)

      Knus og kram!

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