Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shooting for Ronibiza Tribal Jewellery

Hey Chicks! As I teased I had a project going on with one of my favourite jewllery brands! Ronibiza makes these amazing non-piercing septums in the most amazing designs and I was lucky enough to model some of them, it has been a super nice experience and I am quite happy with the outcome! Check out the pictures on his website!

14 thoughts on “Shooting for Ronibiza Tribal Jewellery

  1. Hi Gittemary!
    You look stunning in these Pictures – love the septums!
    I have a little problem and i really hope that you can help me out!
    I was second-hand shopping yesterday, and bought 3 items. Now I just have a problem with styling the items, not necessarily together but just in general. Maybe you can help with an idea of how I can style them?
    I bought a pretty Black baret in wool, a pair of “mom jeans” (you know- high waisted, dark denim blue, wide legs and a bit cropped) with a western-inspired logo on the back-pocket and the last thing I bought was a “bohemian” tunic (almost like the one in this Picture: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/24/7b/c5/247bc505edb0ce4a61ec2ea2bdeae58d.jpg) in orange and just short enough to be a long top, and long enough to be a short dress with some Pearls and beautiful indian-inspired embroidery.
    If you don’t have the time, i will just say thanks for reading my long comment and thanks for being my favorite blogger! Your style is so fantastic and Unique!

    • Oh thank you so so much dear Rikke!
      It sure sounds like you have some pretty neat items there, though I do find a bit hard to style them without seeing them in front of me, but I think it could turn out pretty great!

      Thanks again for your lovely comment!

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