Sunday, July 27, 2014

Like An Elephant // Just Bought

Hey Chicks! I’ve found the perfect shoes for my life. I’ve had different kinds of poulaine-ish looking shoes in the past but never a pair that was truly right for my foot. I bought them in Bazar Vest, Aarhus, which is one of my favourite places to go. They have such a huge selection but the thing is you’ll have to walk them in quite a lot. They hurt quite a bit now but I am sure I’ll get them fitted son enough. They’ll soon be featured in an outfit, I am looking so much forward to styling these.

12 thoughts on “Like An Elephant // Just Bought

  1. Hvor er de bare NICE! Jeg stod og savlede over dem i Marokko, af alle steder, fordi jeg havde set Sex and The City 2 a few too many times. De er SÅ NICE! NICE BUY! :-)


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