Thursday, September 18, 2014

Get the look // How I Decorate

All things can be found at Luxoliving

Hey Chicks! Since I recently moved out from home and decorated my very own little flat, mostly in thrifty finds though, I thought it would be fun to take you guys through some of the things I enjoy the most. These are versions of those things, so please have in mind why they are not totally the same.. My favourite of all time are plants, and new fun ways to store them. I put up a giant piece of wood to hang little buckets on. But storing green in small wooden boxes are also something I quite fancy. I found these similar ones on Luxoliving.dk. Those are a little more pricey than the ones I stumbled upon at the thrift store, but if you want the look that’s another way to go! Another thing I really enjoy are wooden cutting boards, they are really rustique and nice to look at , but of course they serve a greater purpose as well. I like to serve food or snacks, cakes and whatever on wooden plates or cutting boards too. It gives the whole thing such a great vibe! What are you most beloved decoration item?

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