Zero Waste // Minimize The Plastic – Kitchen

Hey Chicks! I promised I am starting the Zero-Waste experiment, if you want you can do this with me or draw inspiration from this experience! Not only is a home without plastic and other toxic materials more healthy but also far more beautiful!

1//I’ve replaced my plastic dish brush with a wooden one, those can be bought in Søstrene Grene or at the eco market here.  Generally go for marterials such as, metal, glass, wood, clay or pewter.  2//Store your dry foods in glass containers, avoid plastic by buying products in cardboard or paper packaging. I bought my glass containers either in Ikea or in second hand stores, just remember to give them a good boil before using them!

3// When it comes to food in general I prefer to go to specialized shops, and I do so whenever I can can, but I always buy fruit and vegetables that are unpackaged, preferably from a green grocer. 4// For oils and such alike, glass flasks with tin caps are easy to find and everything can easily be recycled! 5// Quit aluminium foil completely is one to the best tips, really, there are a thousand other options. //Make tea out of raw ingredients, star anise, lemon, black current leaves and raw liquorice are some of my favourites.

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