Starting Zero Waste / 5 Things To Consider

Hey Chicks! After aiming for the zero waste lifestyle for over a month now, I surely have some advice by now. If  you are considering trying this out here are a few tips:

1// Start out slow, it can seem quite overwhelming at first, therefore I recommend making it a slow process, make one room at a time waste and plastic free. 2// Living simple does not mean living a minimalistic lifestyle, zero waste living is simple, but there are a thousand different ways to decorate and live eco-friendly, it does absolutely not indicate that you should throw your life out. 3// Break your habits and have an open mind, you will have to rethink a lot of habits, like how to buy meat for instance, all our lives we, and our parents, have gone to the grocery store for the everyday needs, but hey, that is not the only way. Investigate the farmers markets in your area and establish a new routine, it is worth it, and farmers give nice discounts. 4// Zero Waste starts outside the home, stay away from pre-packaged foods and what not, if you leave the plastic in the store, it is not zero waste, recycle paper, cans, glass, compost.  5// Zero Waste food is good for you, by cutting out plastic, you will also be cutting out most chemicals infused foods as well, pre-made dishes, unhealthy snacks too. It is not only good for you neither is it good for the planet. Make your own well.. everything. By living zero waste you will also be living without synthetics.


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