Zero Waste Lunch Guide

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Hey Chicks! I thought I would share how I come around everyday aspects, but in a zero waste manner.

If you prepare your lunch at home: Forget paper wrapping, plastic bags or aluminum foil, it has never done anyone any good – ever. Instead acquire a lunch box – mine is from Naturlig Hverdag and their boxes come in different sizes and price ranges. If you are only bringing a little snack – use a mason jar. Personally, I bring fruit in mine and when it is empty I use it for water. If you prefer to buy food: They have salad buffets and what not in a lot of places, my university cafeteria included. I started to bring my banana leaf bow in stead of using their disposable plastic boxes. The leaf bowls weighs close to nothing and will not affect the prize of your food, if your cafeteria uses a weight to determine the prize. Overall tips: I always bring a fork and a glass straw with me in my school bag. It takes very little preparation but it makes a great difference. Stay tuned on the blog as I am soon to post some zero waste lunch box friendly recipes.


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