How To Make Your Own Soda

Hey Chicks! After my boyfriend and I bought the soda streamer – we ran into a giant problem: The container you can buy with syrup is in fact not recyclable at all, which means that we had to take the matter into our own hands. We have been experimenting with syrup recipes and we’ve come up with these two this far.

Orange soda: Pour the juice of 6-8 fresh oranges into a pot on medium heat – add roughly two cups of sugar, of course this varies depending on how sweet you like it – leave on the stove for about half an hour, stir from time to time – when the consistency is thick, let it cool and keep it in your fridge. Mix your syrup with sparkling water, roughly one table spoon and voila!

Lemon soda: Pour the juice of 4-5 lemons and 4-6 limes into a pot, again on medium heat – add one cup of sugar, a little less than orange syrup since the limes are very sweet when cooked. Proceed through the same steps as in the orange recipe.


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