How To Make Zero Waste Foundation Powder

Hey Chicks! I am trying to update my makeup drawer item by item. This the is recipe for zero waste foundation powder that has worked by the best for me, as I come up with the recipes for other products I will post them and eventually make an entire ‘Zero waste makeup tutorial’, so stay tuned for that.

What you’ll need:

Arrowroot powder (buy here from DK), this will be the base of the product.

Depending on you skin colour – cocoa powder, cinnamon, but nutmeg is also quite good, blend a little in at a time until the desired colour.

Shea butter (buy here from DK), this is mostly for consistency, if you want a compact powder rather than a loose one. Warm it either with a hot spoon or in a water bath, add the other ingredients and put it in the fridge until solid.


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