My Zero Waste Beauty Transition

Hey Chicks! I thought this post might prove sightly relevant in context of my zero waste life, which I have promoted highly over the last months. I would like to talk about how it feels to  go from using up to twenty different products a day – to only using zero waste or homemade products in my daily beauty routine.

It would seem like a really hard transition, but it actually was not. Well, at first it felt like I was compromising my entire life, it seemed super difficult and almost impossible. However, as soon as I got used to just saying no to certain products and brands, it actually felt quite relieving. Of course I can definitely recommend incorporating more zero waste products into your routine. Even though one may be accustomed to a certain routine and certain habits – it is really all about breaking the circle. Where I before would have bought can after can of dry shampoo, I how wash and condition my hair with LUSH solid soap and egg yolks. Where I before would have used spray deo, I in fact never new there existed a zero waste alternative, I now use a solid deodorant bar every day.

In the beginning I thought that I was compromising the quality of the my beauty routine by choosing zero waste, but the zero waste alternatives are just a useful, at some point even better. Have you thought of a more sustainable beauty routine?


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