3 Easy Ways To Minimise Everyday Waste

Hey Chicks! I want to share some more zero waste advice. Since a zero waste transition does not take place over night and may seem a bit hard to overcome for some, here are a few simple advice which are quite easy to follow! 1// Jars. Jars are awesome and they are also super versatile. People usually tell me that they find it hard to find alternatives to aluminum foil or the like. I simply use jars in all sizes to store my left over food.They can be bought most places, some of mine are from Ikea while others are second hand finds. 2// Straws. A bit more tricky since glass or steel straws seem to be a bit expensive. We bough ours at Naturebaby and yes, they are pricey but I consider this an important investment. 3// The most important one of all – lose the plastic bags! Arh!! This is so frustratingly important. It was the very first step I took towards zero wasting and I never regretted it for a second.  We use canvas bags to store bread, carrots or potatoes as well. I always bring one when I leave my apartment, it started out rather difficult and it was hard to remember, but now, it seems as natural is putting on trousers.


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