Zero Waste Dinner Party Tips

Hey Chicks! Yesterday my boyfriend and I hosted a dinner party with the theme of zero waste! We went to the farmer’s market with our canvas bags and jars and bought everything we needed. We made our own lemonade with lemon lime, orange and raspberry. Appetizers // We bought a baguette from the bakers and asked for package-free, since they are not packaged at the display, we just wrapped it in a canvas bag. We decided on bruschetta with fresh locally grown tomatoes, organic fresh garlic and wild oregano, we found a strange place where we can pick it ourselves. Main course// We went for a pork tenderloin from the local butcher. We brought a 2 liter jar for storage. On the side we had locally grown asparagus, mixed organic baked roots and a salad consisting of fresh local peas, tomatoes,cucumber, cashews and beans. Dessert// We went for a simple and super Danish traditional treat. Strawberries and milk with sugar, that is. We topped it with mint to edge it up a bit though, homegrown of course! The sugar and milk came in recyclable paper packaging, which was nice. Decor // I picked wild flowers in a field, which were so adorable on the table. We also used our new Kilner drink dispenser for the lemonade, which functions as some type for decor as well, it is lovely to look at, so why not!  The last picture shows the amount of non-compostable trash that was produced during the preparation of the three course dinner, not half bad, if I have to say it myself!


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