STYLE // How I Shop Zero Waste

 I thought it was in order with a little post concerning my consumer choices regarding clothes and fashion in general.  Ebay// I decided pretty quickly to stop shopping on Ebay and sites a like. Firstly due to the lack of quality of the products , secondly because most items are shipped from China and transporting a 1 pound product from one corner of the planet to another is simply not something I can support. In stead of looking on Ebay for cheap trendy knock-offs, I rely on thrift stores and vintage shops if I am looking to do a bit of ‘just for fun shopping’. High Street stores // For the most part I try to keep out of ‘actual stores’ as much as I can. This is mostly due to the high prizes and the fact that the clothing industry is a very wasteful matter.  Instead I shop second hand. Everything I’ve bought the last 6 months, except underwear,  was from the thrift store. Not only is this more eco friendly, but I loooove the hunt for something unique. Quality// My last tip includes looking at the quality of the item you want to purchase. I try to go exclusively  for 100 per cent natural materials like wool, silk and cotton. Skip the polyester and the nylon. Not only is it much better for the environment, it is much better for your wardrobe as well.


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