Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Zero Waste Make Up: Make Your Own Blush

I realized this this morning, that I’ve completely forgot to post my zero waste blush recipe! Of at least I think I forgot. If this is the second time I’ve posted the guide, then I am sorry. However, now that it is here, I can explain a bit about the versatile uses for beetroot powder. The pigment powder can be used for, blush of course, but lipstick pigment and eye shadow pigment as well.

5 thoughts on “Zero Waste Make Up: Make Your Own Blush

  1. ohhhh I love it!!! Thank you for the tip, I nearly spent a fortune getting a lipstain made of beet… I’ll do that instead 😀

  2. you are so great thanks for all the ideas and recipes. Unfortunately the beetroot doesn‘t get any color of my skin and it also doesn‘t work if i put it in a lipsrick… maybe you have a idea? I really want to use it as a blush but its just the same if i don‘t put anything on my cheeks.

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