My Zero Waste Week // Tips

I am just bringing you guys a tiny update from last week, including a few tips I have found very useful. 1// First of all I went to a party and I brought a jar for draught beer, which worked great. People actually seemed to find it rather cool. 2// Other than that, my boyfriend has been talking a lot about wanting to give me more flowers. However, I do not care for those plastic wrapped bouquets. Therefore he always picks wild flowers and I love it! They are also a thousand times prettier anyways. 3// Then there is the deal of my meat in the jar. However, I have had some problems lately because some stores find it unsanitary, which is nonsense. So I am looking for a new place to purchase meat. 4// Lastly I have been using wild cherries and blueberries as sides for breakfast and lunch, it is not only delicious but it is also super plastic free!


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