Zero Waste Periods

Get the menstruation cup here

This post is something that is a bit uncomfortable for me to talk about, especially online. Honestly, it is on the verge of feeling down right awkward. In spite of these feelings, I feel the subject is quite relevant in context of zero waste. Menstruation is a very wasteful matter, both pads and tampons leave a lot of waste behind. Let me paint you a word picture. According to ‘Flow: The Cultural History of Menstruation’, the average woman throws away 250 to 300 pounds of “pads, plugs, and applicators” in her lifetime. However, there is an alternative to all that madness. The menstruation cup, yup cup. This cup costs a small amount of money on comparison to the amount of money one usually spends on pads and tampons, and the cup will last you up to 6 years. However it is something I have to get used too, therefore I recommed having a backup in form of reuseable pads during the first time you try it out, just in case. There are so many positive aspects to this. You save a butt load of money and you save the environment, win win. I got mine from NatureBaby, which is brilliant store, and the brand of the cup is Diva Cup, nice touch. Have you tried this out or would you consider it?


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