How and Why I Shop Plastic Free

Pictures from my latest shopping trip

I’ve recently received lots of comments and questions on social media regarding plastic free and zero waste shopping. As a result of this, I will be answering many of those questions in this post.

Do you leave the trash behind in the supermarkets? That would seem pointless since that is not zero waste but merely littering. I rarely do my shopping in regular supermarkets. Instead I visit farmers markets, green grocers and butchers. Expensive? A bit, but it is nothing compared to what I am saving. I’ll gladly pay one or two extra pounds and save some plastic packaging AND support a local farmer, win win. How do you buy dry goods like flour, sugar or coffee? Unfortunately, we have no bulk-only stores in Denmark, which is sad, sad for me. Instead I buy my dried goods in paper and cardboard with as little surface treatments as possible. Preferably none, this is easy to recycle. For coffee I usually visit a specialised store and get it in my own container, expensive? A bit but the quality is outstanding. Have much do you make yourself? My boyfriend and I quickly made a hobby of zero waste. Therefore we make/grow a lot ourselves, simply because we think it is fun, our homemade products include: tea, pasta, tomato sauce, bread, makeup, body butter, tortillas, chips, herbs like basil, chives and oregano. Things that are on our to-do list are currently: mozzarella, feta and sour cream. Are you doing this to get attention? I do this because I think it is fun. Basically that is it. I have mentioned many  times in my videos that I do not fancy myself an expert nor a perfect zero waster, but I am trying and sharing my experiences with people who want to listen. What triggered my interest was the fact I learned that every piece of plastic ever produced still exists on this planet. Later I also learned that food stored in plastic packaging absorbs the toxins from the plastic and compromises the quality of the food. It matters, both for the planet and for yourself. I hope this post provided some answers, or that at least some insight. Let me know if you have any other questions, I would love to answer them!

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