No Shampoo // My Ultimate Hair Care Tip

I haven’t used shampoo in three weeks. That is pretty crazy, at least for me. Although I’ve been decreasing my use of shampoo for quite some time. During the last year, I been waiting 7-9 days before washing my hair. Now I only use water. Not using shampoo will eventually do wonders for your hair and the self-cleaning process. If things are really crazy I use a homemade avocado mask or coconut oil as a conditioner. But actual shampoo, I think I am over it, for now. This is a bit of an experiment. However, it ties really well together with my dreadlock process. Frankly, I do have those days where my hair is a sodding mess, I simply make a quick top knot and no one bats an eye. Skipping all those chemicals which can be found in everyday beauty products is the best thing I’ve ever done. Would you consider going #NoPoo ?


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