Outfit Of The Day – Blunt and Burnt

Jumper – H&M // Skirt – UO // Boots – Docs // Scarf, bag and jewellery – Secondhand

I styled a few items from high-end stores. However I bought these pieces 2-3 years back. The main reason why I stopped buying clothes in stores was the fact that I never loved any of the items I purchased. I always ended up giving them away to thrift stores or to friends. The items that I wear the most, and love the most, are all second hand. However, I thought I would give these old items a try. I do believe the items are some of the last pieces I bought from new and did not give away. My point in this context is, only buy clothes that is easy to style and an be used in many ways. Stay away from ‘trend’-items which will be worn two or three times and then never again, that is waste. Although, I still love the thrift stores a thousand times more than high-street stores.


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