Friday, September 4, 2015

Zero Waste // Homemade Mascara

I made my first batch of mascara yesterday, so exciting! After seeing a lot of peaking interest on Instagram, I decided to make a video tutorial! I have been wearing it all day and night yesterday and it lasts just as long as store bought mascara, and in my opinion the coverage is just as great. You can decide for yourself in the before and after shot in the video! Take care!

9 thoughts on “Zero Waste // Homemade Mascara

  1. Hi!
    Great tip! should we keep it in the fridge? How long would it last?
    On the other side, vaseline is made out of petroleum, is there any other thing we could use?

  2. Hi! I have just found ur videos on youtube a day ago and Im loving ur tips and ideas. This one blowed my mind since i have almond trees and aloe vera in my garden, so i can have mascara all year around made just by this ingredients. Thanks so much for ur teaching and sharing 😉

  3. This is amazing and your blog is gorgeous but question, how long before it “goes bad”. I assume awhile but I don’t wanna over keep it especially cause I don’t wear a lot of make up. ALSO ALSO how do I keep it…fridge, dark cabinet, counter top?…THANK YOU!!

  4. Hello Gittemary,

    I love your blog and youtube channel! You inspire me greatly:)
    Could you post the recipe for the mascara you make nowadays with aloe vera?
    My first try didn’t work out so well and as the small glass container i had it in fell and broke today, i would love to try again :)

    Best wishes

  5. Hi Mary…
    I love Your channel so much… That’s very inspiring me…
    I really want to try this, but I’m not sure to make it, because I’m not have almond, can i replace the almond with another bean?… Thanks🙂…

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