ZERO WASTE// Vacation Tips

Hello everybody! I recently took a one-day trip to Gothenburg, Sweden and of course I kept the entire trip waste free, here is how. 1// Do not bring a ton of stuff and drag it around all day. The only stuff I brought with me was a jar and two canvas bags, one small and one large. The small one was used to store a sandwich I brought from home. The jar was used to store food waste, left-overs or compost. Luckily, Sweden has loads of compost waste bins.  2// Bring a large bag or a purse that can hold all your purchases, that way you avoid plastic bags, or awkwardly carrying your stuff in you hands. 3// Prepare and research stores that are not located in your hometown. I used the trip to Sweden to stock up on solid shampoo bars, that way I save the transport waste. 4//Look for alternatives, there are all around you. For instance, eat your lunch or dinner in places where they serve with  ‘ordinary’ cutlery and plates in contrast to disposable plastic. Zero waste does not mean bring a crap load of stuff, just in case. It means be creative and challenge yourself to see the world differently . Do you have any great zero waste travel tips?


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