Bargains and Good Deals

Hello Everybody! Originally I did not even want to address Black Friday and use my energy on something that stupid. However, since then I have encountered so many aspects with which I disagree so here goes. I thought I might as well address the issue of yesterdays insane foolishness. Of course I am talking about Black Friday, a tradition which has been adopted by the Danish stores for the merely reason of increased sale. It is days like this I feel blessed that I found joy in Zero Waste. In stead of going completely crazy about discounts and bargains, read a book, give someone a compliment, say no to a freebie and make something from scratch.

Something that really got on my last nerve was that even #BuyNothingDay was utilised to sell more and promote more stores. Captions like ‘If you’re tired of Black Friday, check out these deals’ seem not only to be double standards, but just as well promoting a very unhealthy view upon what is important in one’s life. Personally, my counter response to this consumer tradition is to address the foolishness rather than staying quiet. Thank you to my Insta followers for convincing me to address the issue. Have a brilliant day!


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