Why Organic Food Makes Me Sad

Hello everybody, I have been thinking about something for a while, so I decided it was time to speak my mind. This post is regarding organic food and the supermarkets’ handling of organic foods in general. I took the pictures above in my local grocery store. The sight of individually packaged greens make me feel sad. I am so embarrassed that so many people actually thinks this is a good thing. No one questions the packaging, if they did, this would never happen. Firstly, this is a waste of resources, utterly and completely. It is to gorge oneself in resources that we cannot afford. Secondly, it is so misleading and manipulative. The toxins which is found within plastic has an impact in the food which is wrapped, organic or not, that is a pure fact. So why compromise the amazing quality of the food? It is such double standards that it seems hard to believe that this is actually serious marketing. This plastic serves the purpose of telling the consumer that this food is organic and healthy and more sustainable that other foods, then why wrap it in something so wasteful and unhealthy? I usually shop at my beloved farmers markets where individual plastic is no where to be found, but it happens that I am in lack of something and then I have to enter this hell. I hope the organic food industry realises how wrong and wasteful their approach actually is.

Sorry for the rant you guys, but I really think it is important, as a consumer, to speak out loud then you feel unheard.


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