ZERO WASTE // Homemade Cleaning Agent

Good evening everybody! I posted a picture of my homemade cleaning agent on Instagram yesterday and some of you wanted a post about it, so here goes! A large element of zero waste, at least to me, is letting go. Think about all the things we have been told that we need? Plastic products and disposable rubbish. Including manufactured cleaning products of all kinds. I have no idea how started this nonsense, but somehow we seem to think that we need a ton of different products for cleaning. One product for glass, one for the sink, one for wooden floors and what not. You want to know a secret? It is all bullshit, true story. In fact, I made my own cleaning agents months ago and they work perfectly! I made it with only two ingredients, that is white vinegar and leftover citrus peels. I left the citrus peels soak in the vinegar for about three days before I started using it, it needs some time to really settle. But there is really no difference between this and the rubbish you buy in terms of effect. This was my little tip of the day, take care!


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