Zero Waste Recipe // Tortillas

Hello everybody! Some of you wanted more recipes on the blog, regarding zero waste, and I have been trying to incorporate some recipes into the blog posts. I have already made a recipe for a delicious nutella-like chocolate spread and some awesome vegan cup cakes. I love trying to make stuff that everybody usually buys in the grocery store, and this time it is tortillas. I never made them myself before my zero waste life, since you can buy them pre-made, but those are no good and wrapped in plastic, check these out:

  • You will only need two-three ingredients, that is flour, water a splash of olive oil. Firstly, for every cup of flour add half a cup of water. The dough needs to be smooth and must not stick to the table. Keep adding flour or water until you find a consistency you like. I like to add a splash of olive oil to the dough in order to make it more flexible and easier to work with.
  • Divide the dough into smaller balls and roll them out. Use a lot of flour on your table – if it sticks it is pretty much ruined. Roll them as thin as you can and you are ready to cook!
  • Heat a large frying pan as much as you can. Warning, when you put your tortilla on the pan you must watch it at all times, it cooks really quickly.
  • Extra tip: When your tortilla is done place beneath a slightly wet piece of cloth, it makes them softer and keeps them warm.

I will never buy that pre-made rubbish ever again, these are much more delicious, healthier and it is so quick to make them when you get the technique going.


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