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Hello Everybody, check out my new video where I answer some of your questions. However, I am far from finished, so check out my additional answers here as well!

How did you start your zero waste journey, was it little by little or all of a sudden? It was little by little, and I am still perfecting the technique. I started out by trying it for one month and it felt to good to ever stop! What do you use for lip balm and deodorant? – For lip balm I use coconut oil or shea butter and I use a deodorant bar from Lush. Do you buy organic produce? As much as I can. However, sometimes organic foods are packaged in plastic, then I won’t buy it, as plastic free living is more important to me. Where do you get your inspiration? I follow Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer for zero waste inspo, fashion and style wise I always enjoy Nanda Schwarz and Elise Buch’s blogs. I travel quite a bit and am curious how to pack for long travel periods? I am travelling today and I am bringing a canvas bag and a mason jar, not much else is needed, just think creatively and the zero waste solutions will come to you :). Iā€™d like to know what do you use as a make up remover? I also use coconut oil as a make up remover, it is awesome!

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