Today’s Zero Waste Shopping

Hello Everybody! I loved going back to the farmer’s market, it has been a while because I have been crazy busy, by finally I found the time to go shopping. I got all of this for what is equivalent to 6,5 pounds (70 dkk), which is completely mad. This is food enough for a whole week in soups and salad, and smoothies and roasts – awesome. I actually found bulk spinach which I have never seen before, so naturally, I was rather excited. We are hosting a dinner party which I am trying to do as zero waste as possible, the only thing that won’t be completely zero waste is the turkey, unfortunately I have not been able to find any unpackaged ones, bummer. The rest however will be completely waste free, I think I will dedicate an entire post to those recipes, if you would like to see them? Take care and stay awesome!


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