Food Diary // Four Days Of Zero Waste Food

Hello everybody! It was requested that I did a food diary, and let me just say, it was really hard to remember to photo document everything for four days. That is also the reason why a few snacks went by undocumented, but I will list them in the description anyway!

Day 1: Normally, I am really bad at eating breakfast, it is not good, but I seem to forget. Therefore I usually eat brunch-y foods or large lunches. My breakfast/lunch on day 1 was an egg omelet with carrots, all fresh from the farmer’s market. The omelet was made with different bell peppers, spring onion and cheese. My dinner was made with roughly the same things. The pasta is from a recyclable cardboard box, as there are no bulk pasta in my area. The veggie sauce was made with feta, bell peppers, tomato and parsley, all from the farmer’s market.

 Day 2: This was a rather slow day, starting off with homemade naan bread and avocado cream, this is one of my go-to easy meals, as it is super easy to make and tastes delicious! My dinner was a thai curry soup with spring onion, rice, avocado and sweet potato, all left overs from the fridge, awesome. On slow and lazy days I usually use of all my left overs in awesome soup or pasta dishes, it tastes great and nothing goes to waste! On an undocumented note, I went to the store and bought bulk sweets, I brought my own tiny canvas bag and I only bought gelatin free salty liquorice, they are my favourite.


Day 3: My breakfast consisted of freshly squeezed orange juice, perhaps it sounds as a tiny meal to start of the day, but it is my favourite thing in the world. Popping in a couple of ice cubes from my stainless steel ice cube tray and I am good to go. Lunch were leftovers from day 1, so I used the last veggie sauce. As you may can tell most of this day was me working from my bed, lovely indeed! For dinner my boyfriend made me another omelet filled with onion, tomato and peppers, we usually buy our eggs at the farmer’s market, they are free range and organic and they usually come with a double yolk, which is rather fun.

Day 4: I started out with a large breakfast consisting of left overs from last night’s dinner, and a huge pile of yellow pepper snacks as a side dish. As you properly can tell by now, pepper is my golden food. I did not eat lunch that day, sadly, but I was too hooked playing Sims 3 to think about food. Instead, I went for a nice cup of hot chocolate, the chocolate came from bulk, so did the marshmallows. For dinner my boyfriend and I made a delicious chicken soup with fresh homemade ravioli. Unfortunately the picture was deleted so you will have to settle for a picture of last month’s ravioli, they looked rather similar though. Inside the ravioli were chicken and onion, and the soup consisted of chicken broth and veggie broth boiled together, damn I love soups, and pasta.

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