Waste Free Fruity Breakfast Faves

Hello Everybody! You know how sometimes you have a ton of time in morning, and sometimes you just need to get going? Well, I have a few tips for a healthy waste free breakfast, no matter the mood or stress level! The thing I enjoy the most in the morning, is also the thing that takes the most time, it is freshly squeezed orange juice with pomegranate, yikes that is good. Extra tip: save the peels and soak them in vinegar and you have a great cleaning product! On days where I have no time at all I compose a fruit platter, of more or less elegant nature, but it is simple and tasty! Another big favourite of mine is homemade naan with avocado! The naan is easily made with flour, a pinch of salt and water! Roll out the dough and put on a hot pan, no oil needed!  What is your favourite breakfast food?


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