What To Do With Left Over Veggies?

Hello everybody! You know all the left over food you produce when making a salad or a soup, or any thing basically? All this stuff that you won’t eat like garlic coats, carrot peels and what else, you know garbage. No, it is in fact not garbage! Here are a few things you can do with the left overs!

1. Regrow: You can regrow a lot of veggies in your garden, or as me, in your window. Especially my boyfriend is deeply fascinated with urban gardening and is keeping lemon, avocado, leek, spring onion, mint and aloe in our tiny window. It is fun and pretty and eco friendly decor and rather useful as well!
2. Broth: This is my personal favourite, make broth! Save all veggie left overs and scrappings in a jar and freeze it. Take it out every time you have some more and fill up the jar. When it is full, boil it for several hours with salted water and you have the perfect base for soup and gravy.
3. Compost: Naturally. Always compost.


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