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Hello everybody! Following the topic of my last post, I thought I would talk a bit more about food, plastic free food that is. These pictures are all from my instagram, although I could image some of them have popped up here before as well. They are just to give you an idea of what I usually buy within a month of zero waste. In my daily life it is not so much what you buy, but how you buy it. A lot of the food I buy tend to be local, due t farmer’s markets, and thereby also seasonal, that is if I want the best quality foods. If I have an idea of something I would love to eat, but it only comes in plastic, I try to look for alternatives or I get another idea. It can be hard constantly saying no, but to me, it is all worth the effort. Especially when I see how amazing and beautiful my plastic free shopping bag looks compared to others. Have you had any awesome experiences with plastic free food lately?

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