How To// Zero Waste Lunch For 10 People

Hello everybody! Last Saturday my boyfriend and I hosted a birthday lunch for 10 people, and we did it zero waste and plastic free! Naturally, it was a bit more difficult than usual, due the amount of food we needed to prepare and shop for. Now I have a few tips if you are thinking about going plastic free at parties as well, stay tuned:

1// Always stick with reusables, cutlery, plates and glasses. In terms of zero waste that is a relatively easy one.

2// Prepare in advance, I started planning what I needed and how to get it one week in advance and that was so helpful.

3// Accept that you may not be able to make exactly what you want, zero waste in this scale can be tricky, so remember to go with dishes that are easy to make.

4// Ignore what is culturally accepted as lunch party foods – in Denmark there are food that simply MUST be on the table and they cannot all be zero waste, to hell with that and make your own traditions.

5// Avoid plastic waste as well as food waste – I did so, by not buying too much. Always think about buying a little less than you think is necessary, and it will often be just the right amount, at least it was in my situation.

6// To avoid plastic waste, stay clear of supermarkets, instead go to cheese shops, butchers and farmer’s markets, I succeeded in finding cold cuts that was not wrapped in plastic!

7// Ditch the premade stuff! Make as much as you can from scratch, bread, cold cuts etc. I tastes much better and it is also much healthier.


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